**** With COVID-19 please contact us directly at info@blodgettview.org or christopher@christopherharmon.com and we can have a Registration packet available to pick up at the school or church or you can click on the link below and download it to your computer. You can also call us at 406-363-0575.

BVCS Admissions Packet

Forms can also be emailed to you which can then be printed off and completed. Contact us info@blodgettview.org

To qualify for registration discounts or limited waivers, the forms will need to be turned back in at Blodgett View Christian School in entirety. Please contact us at the same email or call for hours of availability due to closure. We will notify you once they have been received.

We are so grateful for a local small school that focuses not only on strong scholastic but also training Christian young people.

M. Griffin MD

School Supplies

Students will need:


We will be using the App Class Tag for parent/teacher communication as well as student discipline. This is changed from last year, and you should have received an email or text with an invitation to download the app. If you have not please contact a school teacher right away.   Please download and sign in as this will be our main mode of constant communication.

School Uniform

See School Handbook for details. Polo shirt colors include Royal Blue, Royal Purple, and Gray. They must have the School Logo prominently displayed on the left side of the garment. **zipped clothing to be worn indoors including sweatshirts should also be in the school colors and have the logo printed on them**

  • Shirts can be printed on at “Shirts Etc.”
  • phone number 406-363-1050
  • email chris@windrelated.com
    cost is approximately $4/shirt

Parental/Volunteer Application

We are a small school, and we couldn’t do all that we do without our volunteers. This being said, the safety of our children is paramount, therefore we will require parents / volunteers to undergo an online class and background check. Please follow the link below prior to volunteering, then download the volunteer form and hand in to the Principal

Background Screening

Volunteers Form