New Student Admissions Check List

  1.  Bring a copy of Birth Certificate
  2.  Bring your childs Immunization records 
  3.  Download or fill out and print  3 copies of the confidential reference form. Prepare 3 envelopes with BVCS address and please place a postage stamp on each envelope before giving one form and envelope to each of the following persons: (1) Current Principal, (2) Current Teacher, (3) Clergy or School Counselor. ( If one of these is not available, select another church, school, or community leader (non-relative) who knows your child well enough to complete this form.) Your application will not be processed until these references have been returned to Blodgett View Christian School. From available here
  4. Download or fill out and print  the new student application packet. Note that some forms will require a signature from the parents and the student.
  5.  Approval process will not begin until all of the above have been recieved.